Eco-Friendly Gift & Loyalty Cards

Pentagon’s eco-friendly paper cards are as durable as traditional plastic cards. But don't just take our word for it – watch for yourself to see how our cards perform in this “underwater torture test”.

There is no denying the popularity of Gift cards – the global Gift card market was worth $378.97 billion USD in 2020, and is further projected to grow to $510 billion USD by 2025 at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 14% during the forecast period1.

But there’s one big problem with traditional Gift cards – they’re wasteful. The traditional material for Gift cards is PVC — Polyvinyl chloride — one of the most widely-used plastics in the world. This material, while durable, requires large amounts of petro-chemicals to produce and is terrible for the environment.

This is a serious issue, because the vast majority of Gift cards end up in landfills. These Gift cards will never biodegrade, and the breakdown of PVC releases toxic chemicals into the soil, and the atmosphere.

In addition, PVC has a tendency to “granulate” in landfills and other areas. It doesn’t break down, but simply is crushed into smaller and smaller bits, which become stuck in the soil, lodged in the throats of animals, and have many other negative effects.

Paper is the choice of substrate for any organization that wants to reduce their environmental footprint. Paper is recyclable, renewable, and does not require any petro chemicals.
These are all eco-friendly characteristics that are missing with plastic.

As the world enters an age of growing eco-activism, the research shows that consumers expect businesses to step up, especially when it comes to issues of climate change and the environment. Fortunately, showing your audience that you want to make a difference is easier than you think.

Pentagon has produced millions of cards on paper substrates and never had even one complaint. They look good, they perform as they should, and they are a more environmentally-conscious choice for the environment than plastic. A perfect trifecta of benefits.

Pentagon uses 24pt and 28pt papers that are manufactured with a wet strength that is virtually equal to plastic. They can be put through multiple wash cycles, forgotten in your bathing suit while swimming, or left in a cup of water for days and still be perfectly usable. For less demanding cards, we also have papers that are very durable and cost much less than plastic.

If you want to make the switch, get in touch with us here at Pentagon. Our paperboard cards are compostable, recyclable and sustainably sourced, reducing the impact on the environment from conception to purchase, even throughout the product’s lifetime.